by Peter Griffith


A small theatre group sets out to perform a spy thriller... But the two men in the company have reckoned without the feelings of their leading actress, who refuses to play the sexist roles written for her. How will they manage to complete the performance?


This lively and highly visual comedy examines sex-specific stereotypes in popular entertainment.



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Extract from the script 'The Girl with the Golden Wig'

Dee: I'm quite happy to tell the story of Dick Bond and Silas Queeze. But if you want the story to be filled with ridiculous brainless women who fling themselves at Dick Bond all the time, then you will have to find someone else to play these parts.
Mel: Oh my god I give up. I can't work with this sort of attitude.
Ray: Wait a minute, Mel. Dee's just given me an idea. We must find someone else. Leave it to me. Right you lot, as you've seen, we've got a bit of a problem. One member of our cast is...indisposed. So we need to find someone else to take over the role. Someone who's a bit open-minded. Someone who doesn't mind a little bit, you know what I mean. Is there anyone here who thinks she might...No-one?

by Peter Griffith

The Tyrants' Kiss is a new contemporary version of Shakespeare's play Pericles.

Perry sets on a dangerous journey across the Mediterranean. He is twice nearly drowned... he is imprisoned... he looses his wife, his daughter, and all his posessions. But he never loses his courage and his hope. Can he ever find happiness?

This play is written in modern English, closely following the story-line of its Shakespearean original... and at the same time revealing depths of frightening contemporary relevance.

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Season 22/23

Season 19/20

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Extract from the script 'The Tyrants' Kiss'

Antioch: So now you're coming with us.
Perry: But my family – my things – my clothes -
Antioch: I don't see any family. I don't see any things.
Perry: My things – they're with my friends...
Antioch: Oh, so you have friends. Who exactly are your friends?
Perry: They're... I don't know.
Antioch: You don't know who your friends are?
Perry: No. I've forgotten. I have no friends.
Antioch: No friends. How unfortunate.
Thaliard: How unfortunate.
Antioch: You are an illegal immigrant, with no right to be in this country.
Perry: I told you. I had papers. They were stolen. I've been to the embassy. I've applied for new papers. You can't take me away. You've got no right.
Antioch: You're the one with no rights.
(Perry reaches for his pocket)
Thaliard: Stand still!
Antioch: Keep your hands up! Now Thaliard, see what's in that pocket.
Perry: Keep off me.
Thaliard: It's money, boss.
Antioch: So it is. Money.
(Thaliard takes the money)

by Peter Griffith


Piers and Vincent have been friends all their lives. But when the two are sent away to boarding-school, they both fall in love with the headmaster's daughter Silvia. How will their friendship survive this conflict? And how will Piers' girlfriend Julia react to his broken promises?


This entertaining play – a modern version of Shakespeare's comedy 'Two Gentlemen of Verona' – explores the emotional tangles of teenage love, and the deeper confusions of teenage friendship.




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Season 19/20

Formers productions



Extract from the script 'Two Gentlemen'

Silvia: I don't know what to think.
Piers: Look Silvia, Vincent's gone. Expelled from school. I'm afraid you probably won't see him again – your father will see to that.
Silvia: He'll find a way to see me!
Piers: You can rely on me. I'll look after you, and help you get over Vincent.
Silvia: I don't want to 'get over' Vincent! I want to see him again, as soon as possible!
Piers: I'm sure. But given the way Vincent is – and the way your dad is – I think that may never happen.
Silvia: Piers, I'm not quite sure what you're trying to tell me. But I don't think I want to hear it. Now as I said, I want to be on my own. Goodbye.