White Horse Theatre performs educational plays in English – it is Europe's largest professional touring theatre company. Founded in 1978 by Peter Griffith, the company plays throughout Germany as well as in France, Sweden, Japan and China. Over 400,000 people see White Horse Theatre's performances every year. Schools can book plays at five different levels, ranging from absolute beginners in primary schools to sixth-formers and university students.

We proudly present the following plays in our new season 2024/2025:

White Horse Theatre's performances take place in schools of every form; and plays are also booked by Culture and Arts societies, and local theatres.
Whether classical or contemporary, the shows can be described as captivating, thought-provoking, humorous or stirring.

The company's motto is 'Learn English through Theatre', and this aim is realised in several ways:

  • the performances give a huge motivation boost to young learners of English
  • the audience is given the experience of hearing English spoken by native speakers
  • performances are highly visual and entertaining, so that even those with only a minimal grasp of English are able to follow the story
  • seeing a play can involve pupils' emotions as well as their intellects
  • thus deepening their educational experience
  • the content of the plays – both linguistic and dramatic – is specially suited to the five levels of pupils' knowledge of English
  • pupils are given the opportunity to enter into conversation with the actors in a question-and-answer session after the performance. In addition, pupils are introduced to theatre as an art-form
  • for many this is their first experience of live theatre performed by professional actors.

The scenery and equipment are designed to grant a high measure of flexibility, allowing performances to take place not only in school theatres, but also in venues such as sports halls, auditoriums or even cafeterias.

Nine groups of actors are on tour every season. Each of the seven secondary-school groups is made up of four actors, while the primary-school teams each consist of two actors. The castings take place twice a year in London. The actors are directed by experienced English directors who work closely with a team of twenty creative and technical professionals - designers, welders, carpenters, prop-makers, costume-makers, painters – all working together to produce high-quality stage designs and scenery.

More information about White Horse Theatre and the current tours can be found on Facebook. In addition, information can be found on the company's website or by contacting the theatre office where a team of friendly tour managers is available for inquiries and bookings.