White Horse Theatre was founded in 1978 by the English actor, author, director and musician Peter Griffith. During the first years the theatre's headquarters were located in Somerset, in south-west England. The company focused on educational theatre as Peter Griffith had already gained five years' experience as a teacher. In 1980 White Horse Theatre was invited by the British army to perform in British schools in Germany.

During this tour the company tried out their first performances to German audiences, and found great enthusiasm for English-language theatre in German schools. In 1985 the company moved its base to Germany.


White Horse Theatre today has nine theatre groups that tour across Germany. There are also regular performances in China, Japan, France, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands. Each group consists of 2–4 professional actors whose native language is English. 15 German employees help with the tours‘ organisation, and a team of fifteen technicians join the company in the rehearsal season every autumn. Prominent directors and designers from England work with White Horse Theatre.