How many theatre shows can be performed in one day?
  • We are able to perform 3 shows per day. We offer shows for under- middle- and upper graduates so that as many people as possible get to take advantage of our visit
  • We hope you will be able to use this opportunity to allow as many students as possible to interact with our actors
At what times can we book you?

We offer performances to suit your school day from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm

Duration of the plays is how long?

Our performances last up to 60 minutes for the under- and middle graduates and for the advanced graduates 90 min.

What is the organization on the performance day?


  • We will arrive 60 minutes before the first play commences
  • Performance time: approx. 60 minutes or approx. 90 minutes for the advanced level
  • Duration for Question and Answers approx.: 15 minutes
  • Disassembly: 60 minutes
  • Stage requirements: Height min 3 m Stage ideally 6x6 m 4x6 m will suffice

What do we provide as an organizer?

  • We bring all relevant equipment with us to perform our shows incl. theatre set, music and sound system
  • We offer a FREE question and answer session directly after each show, whenever time allows, so that the audience can chat with the actors
  • We provide high quality performances by British guest directors
  • We aim to mirror society, hoping to point out attitudes and mindsets of mankind. It touches social issues and problems, like depression, bullying, sexual abuse, drug- and alcohol misuse which trouble young people today
  • As actors they have the ability to change students minds and hearts. It makes it possible for the students to empathize with the characters, and get a different perspective that could not otherwise be achieved
Who writes the plays?
  • All of our plays are written by authors who are native English speakers. This is the fascinating experience to get into contact with the authentic language through theatre
  • Our professional playwrights and actors provide an authentic experience with the English language. All our actors are professionally trained from well known drama schools
  • A large number of plays are written by Peter Griffith, founder of White Horse Theatre, but we also have guest writers contributing to our lively and vibrant repertoire
  • Using language skills you have already learned motivates you to continue working with the English language
  • We are also the perfect learning theater group to make the students have fun with the English language
What is included in the performance price?
  • Performance running time: approx. 60 minutes or approx. 90 minutes for upper graduates
  • Question and answer session: maximum 15 minutes
  • Disassembly: approx. 60 minutes
What is a minimum booking?
  • We need at least a minimum of a 150 pupils watching the shows for the under- and middle graduates or 100 pupils for the upper graduates
  • If you have more than a 150 or 100 pupils in a show, you will have to pay the actual amount of participating pupils
  • If you have less than the required minimum, you will still have to pay the minimum amount of 150 or 100 pupils  
  • Our actors will estimate the numbers of pupils watching the show. On the feedback form we will ask for the number of pupils which actually attended
  • Should you have difficulties with the minimum amount of pupils required, please contact us. We will try to assist and help wherever possible
  • For further details and booking options please contact our office
Size requirements of the stage

 The stage requires a height of 3 m and a minimum size  of 4x6 m, ideally 6x6 m

What is relevant before play day?
  • Your venue needs to be clean and clear of all obstacles
  • Please receive us on play day an hour before play commences
  • We will contact you in advance to finalize the arrangements
How do I book you?

Please call us on +49 29 21 33 9 33 or leave us a message on our contact form