by Peter Griffith


Monica has been sent into the garden to play. The garden is boring - no computer, no tablet, no mobile phone. But then Monica hears a strange noise - and Goggie appears!


Goggie takes Monica to the moon - to the bottom of the sea - to Africa - to the north pole. This highly entertaining play helps children to learn English; and shows them that if you use your imagination, you can fly anywhere you like...



Photos of 'Googgie'


Extract from the script 'Goggie'

 Monica: (a stick emerges from the crate and pokes Monica) Ow! What is that? Is there something behind this box? (Monica explores behind the box) No. There is nothing there. (Monica sits again. A hand comes out of the box and taps her on the shoulder) Hey! What is that? Is there something inside this box? Is there?
 Audience: Audience: Yes.
 Monica: (The knocking and answering is repeated a few times) What can it be? What do you think it is? (Monica takes a stick and uses it as a gun) All right, I know you are in there. Come out... with your hands up! (a white flag comes out of the crate and waves) It looks friendly. Ah... here is the lid. I open the lid – and what do I see? (Monica opens the lid. Goggie enters from the box)