by Peter Griffith


Adam and his Captain Eve fly in their spaceship to look at the blue planet, which they can see through their telescope. On their way, they visit a red planet where monsters live. After their escape, Eve and Adam land on a green planet where they meet a giant rabbit, but Adam is rude to the rabbit and the two have to leave again. After Adam and Eve have landed on the blue planet, Adam sends the spaceship away – now they have to stay on the blue planet forever. What will they find there?


Even children that understand only very little English can easily follow this funny adventure play. During the performance, the children can learn and repeat words for e.g. colours and in a playful way.



Photos of 'Lost In Space'



Extract from the script 'Lost In Space'

Eve: Listen. First, you test the air.
Adam: First I test the air.
Eve: Then you open the door.
Adam: Then I open the door.
Eve: Then you climb out.
Adam: Then I climb out.
Eve: Do you understand everything?
Adam: Yes Captain. First I test the door, then I climb the air, then I open out.
Eve: Adam...
Adam: Yes Captain?
Eve: You're an idiot.
Adam: I know Captain. Can I test the air now?