by Peter Griffith


Lizzie falls asleep while reading her favourite book – a book about pirates! Suddenly her bed turns into a pirate ship, and the villainous Captain Porridge is leading her on a wild quest to the southern seas...


As well as providing an entertaining adventure, the play helps pupils to practice vocabulary that they meet in their first four years of learning English – colours, body parts, clothing, numbers, animals, directions, weather; and makes specific use of themes that are included in current text-books – the pirate ship, the haunted castle, feelings, food, and simple actions.



Photos of 'Lizzie and the Pirate'



Extract from the script 'Lizzie and the Pirate'

Lizzie: I'm hungry. We must make something to eat.
Porridge: I am hungry too. Black-eyed Bess!
Lizzie: Yes Captain?
Porridge: Make us something to eat.
Lizzie: But...I don't know how to cook!
Porridge: You don't know how to cook?
Lizzie: That is right. I don't know how to cook. Can you cook?
Porridge: No. I don't know how to cook.
Lizzie: Can you make us a pizza?
Porridge: No. I can't make a pizza. Can you make us fish and chips.
Lizzie: No, I can't make fish and chips. Can you make sausages and beans?
Porridge: No, I can't make sausages and beans. Can you make a chocolate cake?
Lizzie: No, I can't make a chocolate cake. I can only make one thing.
Porridge: And what is that?
Lizzie: Strawberry-and-banana-milkshake.