by Peter Griffith


The eccentric aristocrat Lady Bigmouth is touring Germany, visiting primary schools. With her is her long-suffering Butler Baxtiff, who has to do everything that Lady Bigmouth says. Also with her is Buckingham, Lady Bigmouth's pet guinea-pig. Lady Bigmouth's visit guarantees an hour of fun for audiences in the 1st and 2nd school-years – what happens when Buckingham escapes among the children? – and how does poor Baxtiff deal with the demands of his employer that he should find fresh food for the adventurous guinea-pig, or milk an angry cow to provide her with a glass of milk?


The play is written in extremely simple English, and is presented very visually so that even 6- and 7-year-old children in their first years of learning English can enjoy the slapstick humour. During the play the children have a chance to practise words that they will have been learning in their lessons – the colours, the numbers, the parts of the body, the clothing, opposite adjectives, etc.



Photos of 'Buckingham'


Extract from the script 'Buckingham'

Lady B: This is Baxtiff. He is my butler.
Baxtiff: My lady?
Lady B: You are my butler.
Baxtiff: Yes, my lady.
Lady B: Baxtiff helps me. He must do what I say! Baxtiff!
Baxtiff: Yes, my lady?
Lady B: You must do what I say.
Baxtiff: Yes, my lady.
Lady B: What must you do Baxtiff?
Baxtiff: I must do what you say, my lady.
Lady B: That's right. Baxtiff!
Baxtiff: Yes, my lady?
Lady B: Turn round.
Baxtiff: Yes, my lady. (Baxtiff turns round)
Lady B: You see? Baxtiff does everything that I say.