by Peter Griffith

Prince Ivan and Princess Zarevna have been imprisoned by a wicked magician. Their only hope is a magic feather, given to Prince Ivan by a beautiful and mysterious bird.
Can the firebird destroy the glass walls that surround the young couple... without awakening the magician?

This delightful dramatisation of a Russian folk-tale is suitable for pupils in their third and fourth years of learning English - an exciting story, involving music, dance, and audience participation.

Photos of 'The Firebird'

Extract from the script 'The Firebird'

Ivan: This is amazing. I've got a bird that can fly, and sing, and talk!
Firebird: Ivan, please let me out.
Ivan: What?
Firebird: Please let me out. It is horrible being in a cage.
Ivan: But if I let you out, I won't have my wonderful bird any more.
Firebird: Ivan, I am a magic bird.
Ivan: You are a magic bird?
Firebird: Yes, If you let me go free, I can help you.
Ivan: How can you help me?
Firebird: I can help you... in lots of ways. Look – if you let me go free, I can give you one of my feathers.
Ivan: You can give me one of your feathers? What good is that?
Firebird: If you are in danger... and you wave one of my feathers... I will come to help you.
Ivan: You mean, I help you, and you help me.
Firebird: Yes. But first you must let me out of this cage.
Ivan: Well... All right.