by Peter Griffith


Sally wants to be as beautiful as the models in advertisements in magazines – Simon wants to be as confident as the men in soap-operas – and Phil wants to be as clever as the TV scientists. All three are in despair!
But then in a dream-sequence the three of them are transported into a television-world in which their wishes are granted. They find themselves in the clinic-soap-opera 'Love in White Coats'. Sally becomes Nurse Sally Shapeley, the most beautiful nurse in the hospital. Simon becomes Dr. Simon Hunkwell, the romantic leading male. And Phil becomes Sir Philip Forceps-Prat, the most brilliant surgeon in the world.
A patient is brought into the hospital – it’s a matter of life and death! But then the dream quickly turns into a nightmare. Do the three teenagers really want to live in this superficial plastic world?


Success Story is a light-hearted comedy about identity, the influence of the media on young people’s ideas and ambitions.

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Saison 19/20



Extract from the script 'Success Story'

Phil: Girls are like buses – if you miss one, another one will come along soon. Here, I’ll choose one for you. Take that one there.
Simon: But that’s a boy!
Phil: No not him, you idiot. The one behind him.
Simon: I couldn’t.
Phil: Oh come on Simon, pull yourself together. Now begin by looking cool.
Simon: Like this?
Phil: Ye-…er, no, not quite like that. Let’s sort your clothes out a bit. That’s better. Now, relax. Think cool. Walk cool. Now walk slowly towards her. Right. And now look her straight in the eyes and say “Hello gorgeous!”
Simon: Hello gorgeous!
Phil: Well done!
Simon: But she laughed at me! It’s no good. I haven’t got what you’ve got. She laughed at me! They all laughed at me!
Phil: That’s a good sign. They like a man with a bit of humour…