by Peter Griffith


Dennis wants a new computer, but his father won’t buy him one. Dennis also wants to impress Gina, the prettiest girl in the class, but she is only interested in Zack, whom she finds 'cool'. Dennis's attempt to improve his life by stealing a computer lead to disaster. He is plagued by his conscience, he is tormented by his fear of being caught. And worst of all, he has lied to his father.
When the police eventually catch up with Dennis, it is the discovery of his betrayal of his father’s trust that hurts the most.


Light Fingers examines the phenomenon of youth crime and shows how easy it is for young people to be seduced by the promises of a consumer-based society, and how easy it is for them to slip into an escalating sequence of irresponsible actions – and how devastating the consequences can be.



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Extract from the script 'Light Fingers'

Gina: Have you got a computer, then?
Dennis: Yeah, well, I’ve got an old one. But when I’ve got some money, I’m going to get a new one.
Gina: Cool. When are you going to get it then?
Dennis: I don’t know. It’ll take me years to make enough money to buy it.
Gina: Buy it? Why don’t you just help yourself?
Dennis: Help myself?
Gina: Yeah, I mean, like you did with the perfume. Real cool...
Dennis: Yeah, well, a little bottle of perfume’s different.
Gina: You’re not scared, are you?
Dennis: Scared? Me? Oh no.
Gina: I mean, the way you brought out that perfume. That was real cool. That wasn’t the first time you’ve taken things, was it?
Dennis: Oh no, I do it all the time.
Gina: I thought so. You’re…cool.