by Peter Griffith


In reality Alan is an awkward teenager, and Melissa Brown takes no notice of him. But in his imagination he is a hero, rescuing Melissa from werewolves and skinheads, from world-dominating villains and from the unwelcome amorous attentions of Tarzan! Every time Alan’s imagination leads him into a fantasy-world, the embarassing return to reality leaves him looking foolish and inadequate. What can Alan do to really impress Melissa?


A Slap in the Face is a light-hearted comedy that examines schoolboy fantasies – and the pressure on young people to tell lies in order to try to escape the consequences of awkward situations. When the going gets difficult, Alan challenges the audience to advise him…but will Melissa Brown be as easy to fool as Mr. Smedley? Alan soon discovers that when it comes to relationships, life is not as easy as he had thought.



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Extract from the script 'A Slap in the Face'

Alan: Once it gets to this point there are only two ways out: tell the truth and apologise, or tell a lie and hope for the best. Which would you do? Let’s try the first method – telling the truth and apologising – and see what happens.
Mr. Smedley: Well, Alan?
Alan: The truth. Well you see Mr. Smedley, I found your lesson so unbelievably boring that I couldn’t concentrate on a single word you were saying, so I started to daydream and I imagined that you were a werewolf and you were about to attack Melissa Brown. I’m terribly sorry sir…
Mr. Smedley: What??!!!!
Alan: So that’s the first method. Effective, do you think? I prefer the second method: tell a lie and hope for the best. Well you see Mr. Smedley, I was absolutely fascinated by what you were saying about – er – about what you were talking about. I’ve got a book about it, and I’ve read it from cover to cover. You must let me tell you about it some time, sir.
Mr. Smedley: Splendid Alan, splendid. Well done.