by William Shakespeare


Can Petruchio turn the wildcat Katherina into an obedient wife? This rattling comedy sets wild macho wit against wild female wilfulness – who will win the battle of the sexes, when an impoverished nobleman proposes to marry a rich woman renowned for her vicious tongue?


Shakespeare's comedy has been abridged so as to simplify the plot and reduce the play's length, without losing any of the fiery sparring of the larger-than-life characters, and the knockabout hilarity of the humour.



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Extract from the script 'The Taming of the Shrew'

Grumio: “None shall have access unto Bianca
Till Katharina the curst have got a husband”.
Katharina the curst! A title for a maid of all titles the worst.
Petruchio: I'll undertake to woo curst Katharina,
Yea, and to marry her, if her dowry please.
I read she is an irksome brawling scold:
If that be all, well then, I hear no harm.
Why came I hither but to that intent?
Have I not in my time heard lions roar?
Have I not heard the sea puff'd up with winds
Rage like an angry boar chafed with sweat?
Have I not in a pitched battle heard
Loud 'larums, neighing steeds, and trumpets' clang?
And do they tell me of a woman's tongue,
That gives not half so great a blow to hear
As will a chestnut in a farmer's fire?