by John Osborne


The play that changed the direction of British theatre...

Look Back in Anger gives a voice to the feelings of the new generation in postwar Britain – an anger that can still be felt in the street-riots of 2011.

Four young people rebel against the values of the establishment – and by living out their anger, they drive each other towards madness.



Photos of 'Looking Back in Anger'



Extract from the script 'Looking Back in Anger'

Jimmy: Nobody can be bothered. No one can raise themselves out of their delicious sloth. You two will drive me round the bend soon - I know it, as sure as I'm sitting here. I know you're going to drive me mad. Oh heavens, how I long for a little ordinary human enthusiasm. Just enthusiasm - that's all. I want to hear a warm, thrilling voice cry out Hallelujah! Hallelujah! I'm alive! I've an idea. Why don't we have a little game? Let's pretend that we're human beings, and that we're actually alive. Just for a while. What do you say? Let's pretend we're human. Oh, brother, it's such a long time since I was with anyone who got enthusiastic about anything.