by Peter Griffith


Helena is deeply in love with the warrior Count Bertram… but he is not interested in a lower-class servant-girl.

This new version of Shakespeare’s comedy tells the lively story of Helena and her determination to marry Bertram – regardless of all dangers and difficulties that stand in her way.

This is a new play, based on the story-line of„All’s Well that Ends Well“, but written in simple modern English.

Shakespeare uses the unexpected twists of the story to explore aspects of relationships, abuse, and loyalty, both inside and outside marriage. Will Helena and Bertram end up together?

And if they do, is „all well that ends well“?


Photos of 'All's Well that Ends Well' 


Clip of 'All's Well that Ends Well'

Extract from the script 'All's Well that Ends Well' 

King: I promised that if Helena succeeds in curing me of my illness, then she may choose any man in the kingdom for her husband. Come Helena – choose!
Helena: Thank you, my lord. I am just a simple girl. But I think I will make a good wife for someone...  I choose: Lord Bertram!
Bertram: Me?
Helena: Yes, you.
Bertram: No.
Countess: What?
Bertram: I refuse.
King: Bertram, she is your wife. Take her.
Bertram: My lord, you might give me the chance to use my own eyes in choosing my bride.
King: Don't you know what she has done for me?
Bertram: Yes – but I don't see why that means I have to marry her.
King: This girl has saved my life.
Bertram: She is a low-born woman, a mere servant. I am a nobleman: I deserve better than this... I cannot love her, and I will not try to do so.